BST Group’s Web 3 Ascendancy: Unveiling at Crypto Expo Dubai 2024

BST Group’s Web 3 Ascendancy: Unveiling at Crypto Expo Dubai 2024
  • PublishedApril 6, 2024

New Delhi (India), April 6: BST GROUP is going to unveil its position as the King of Web 3 in the largest Crypto Expo Dubai 2024 by launching its complete Ecosystem along with Web 3 Browser and its own DEX besides all other unique products already unveiled like BST Chain, BST Coin, BST Wallet, BST Cricket GAMEFI, BSAFT NFTs, BST Market Place, E- Sapphire Mining Platform, BST Academy, SUSDT, BST METAVERSE, BST PHYGITAL.

Blockchain Innovator Drives Global Adoption of Gemstone Tokenization

Dr. Farooq Abdal, a distinguished entrepreneur renowned for his pioneering work at the intersection of blockchain technology and the gemstone industry, continues to make waves with groundbreaking initiatives.

As the Founder and Managing Director of the esteemed BST Group of Companies, Dr. Abdal has been instrumental in revolutionizing the way rare gemstones, particularly the exquisite Kashmir blue sapphire, are traded globally. Leveraging over five years of extensive experience, he has propelled the tokenization of Kashmir blue sapphire inventory, transforming it into a sought-after commodity on stock exchanges worldwide.

A recent development spearheaded by Dr. Abdal is the introduction of the Bio Sapphire AMized Fusion Technology (BSAFT) and the Bio-Sapphire Bracelet. This innovation offers comprehensive protection against radiation and electromagnetic frequencies, catering to the growing concerns regarding well-being in an increasingly digital world.

Moreover, Dr. Abdal’s commitment to regulatory compliance is evident in the launch of BSTC, the world’s first fully decentralized security token backed by a vast collection of Kashmir blue sapphires. Supported by the cutting-edge RWA Tokenization Blockchain (best chain) and the Native Token BST Coin , this initiative represents a significant advancement in the realm of digital assets.

Beyond business, Dr. Abdal envisions securing the future distribution of Kashmir blue sapphires and contributing to smart city projects on a global scale. His dedication to innovation is further exemplified through initiatives like the E-Sapphire Mining platform, facilitating intelligent digital mining of sapphires.

Under Dr. Abdal’s leadership, the BST Group has positioned itself as a pioneering wealth management platform, implementing innovative strategies for institutional investors and individuals alike. Flagship projects such as Blue Sapphire of Kashmir and E-Sapphire (BST), along with web 3 projects like BST Chat and BST CRICKET GAMFI, underscore the group’s commitment to innovation.

As one of the pioneers in the cryptocurrency arena, Dr. Abdal introduced BST as a transformative cryptocurrency headquartered in Dubai, aiming to reshape the global economic landscape into one that is vibrant, secure, and prosperous.

Collaborating with business tycoons Mr. Mohammed Iqbal Khokar, and Mr. Abdul Hussain Mohammed Jafar Al Lawati from Sultanate Oman,along with Mr. Ali Al Lawati , the group is poised to dominate the Web 3 domain, with initiatives aimed at fostering wealth circulation and addressing the limitations of conventional financial systems.

Additionally, the BST Group is actively supporting the European Digital University in its mission to train one billion people in blockchain, crypto, and the metaverse through global initiatives like the World Meta Summit Programs. For further information and inquiries, interested parties can visit the official website at  or reach out via email at

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Harsh Desai