Shweta Salunkhe, Empowering Entrepreneurs and Redefining Cafe Culture

Shweta Salunkhe, Empowering Entrepreneurs and Redefining Cafe Culture
  • PublishedApril 25, 2024

The story of Shweta Salunkhe unfolds as a monument to resilience, intelligence, and steadfast determination resonating across the packed pathways of India’s corporate world. From her modest family background, she transformed and drove herself towards the ladder of success and has been climbing it ever since. 

Destiny intervened when Shweta crossed paths with Sachin Salunkhe. Together, they embarked on a transformative entrepreneurial journey, founding a series of successful ventures including Glocal Food Works, Eumsig Foodworks, Blackhat Syndicus, Coffee & More, Super Galaxy Sports, Cafe Peter, and Wasabi 15. Her expertise in business strategy and legal matters has been pivotal in their success, driving growth and expansion in India’s competitive market. 

Shweta has received prestigious honours for her contributions to the business community, Shweta has been honoured with the RashtriyaAbhiman Puraskar Women Entrepreneur of the year 2023 from the honourable Nitin Gadkari Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India and the Indian Entrepreneurship Award 2023 Women Entrepreneur of the year 2023 from the respected Cabinet Minister of Government of Maharashtra, Mangal Prabhat Lodha, underscoring her exceptional achievements and impact. 

. This has set a path towards success for Coffee & More, the successful running cafe chain under Glocal Foodworks Pvt Ltd. With the help of Shweta’s expertise, Coffee & More has opened multiple cafes in the prime locations of Pune city and Mahabaleshwar. The venture has declared the plans of national and global expansion with over 170 outlets around the world, including Singapore, UK, Indonesia, and many more.

Recently, Coffee & More, secured a remarkable $150 million under valuable guidance of Shweta. The cafe chain transcends mere beverages; it’s a space where ideas percolate, friendships flourish, and dreams find their rhythm.  

As a result of her remarkable achievements and creative approach to business, Shweta Salunkhe is a bright example of excellence for people looking to achieve their highest goals. Aspiring businesswomen and men can draw inspiration from her entrepreneurial trajectory, as she has demonstrated vision, passion, and tenacity.

Written By
Harsh Desai