On a mission, with a vision, Meet Shadab Nagani, the man who steered SSIZ International into e-commerce glory

On a mission, with a vision, Meet Shadab Nagani, the man who steered SSIZ International into e-commerce glory
  • PublishedApril 30, 2024

Pillar by pillar, brick by brick! Very few words better describe Shadab Nagani’s journey at SSIZ International. A second-generation entrepreneur who swears by hard work, sincerity and honesty, Shadab knew his family’s rich legacy in the beauty and styling industry would be a mighty peak to climb, and he wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Starting from the ground floor and working his way to the top, Shadab was a budding entrepreneur at one of SSIZ’s stores before earning his stripes to become Director of E-commerce and Sales at SSIZ International. While beauty and styling were always in his blood, Shadab first got a real taste of the industry while shadowing the man he most looked up to, Mr. Irfan Bhamla, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of SSIZ International. Those initial few glimpses of this profession were more than enough to excite a young Shadab to embrace it as a lifelong career. 

Climbing up the ranks helped Shadab study every aspect of the business to perfection, and develop grassroot level connections with clients, customers and other stakeholders. The self-confessed ‘strategy’ junkie has been part of every cog within the organization, may it be overlooking dispatches, working with courier and payment gateway partners or addressing even the smallest of customer complaints. Shadab knows all the tricks of the trade like the back of his hand due to the time he spent on the field. A master’s degree in commerce from Mumbai University further enhanced his understanding of business on an academic level. 

With a deep-rooted passion for the online world and in-depth knowledge of the modern consumer, Shadab envisioned the next big chapter in SSIZ’s growth story to be its venture into the e-commerce space. Being a traditional family run business, the company’s initial approach towards online retail was cautious and conservative. Shadab had to work with finite resources to chart a path for SSIZ on the internet. 

Turning every challenge into an opportunity to think out of the box, Shadab built an e-commerce empire that was solid, successful and sustainable without any flamboyant investment on frills. He had to get it right on the very first try, and get it right he did! Today, SSIZ International’s homegrown brand IKONIC has a robust and distinct presence in the online world, with products that boast of top shelf quality, segment first features and impeccable design. IKONIC is also a highly valued brand in marketplaces across the board, etching a strong benchmark in the premium section of the beauty and styling category.   

As someone who identifies with innovation, the online world was tailor made for Shadab’s astute skills and talents. The hyper-changing nature of e-commerce not only exhilarates his mind, but also pushes him to constantly think on his feet. From meticulously analyzing sales data to minutely researching consumer patterns, there’s never a dull day at work for Shadab. He has a precise finger on the pulse of the beauty and styling market, and most of his calls have hit the bull’s eye in more ways than one. 

If there’s one philosophy Shadab always stands by, it’s that the customer is king! Having worked extensively in the offline sector, he was aware of the customer’s wants and needs, and how SSIZ can fulfill it in the online domain. Regularly updating himself on purchase patterns and behaviors, Shadab leaves no stone unturned in keeping customers in the front and center of the business. It is this immense focus on customer satisfaction that has cemented SSIZ International as one of the most trusted brands in the e-commerce space.   

At his very core, Shadab is a family man who enjoys the simpler pleasures of life. An evening of tea and laughter with loved ones is enough to bring a wide smile on his face. A die-hard reader who no longer gets the bandwidth to dive into books, Shadab tries to sneak in a page or two of his favorite authors whenever he finds the time. The web is another place he can often be found, either reading up on the latest trends or latest technology. Last but not the least, Shadab is an avid sports fan who admires legendary players like Sachin Tendulkar. 

A believer in dreaming bigger and better, the entrepreneur has many more plans and many more surprises in store as he sails ahead in his e-commerce journey. While expectations may be on an all-time high, Shadab is no stranger to a tall challenge or two! 

Written By
Harsh Desai