Dabur Honey is clinically studied to support health and fitness

Dabur Honey is  clinically studied to support health and fitness
  • PublishedApril 17, 2024

New Delhi (India), April 17: With rising prevalence of unhealthy bodyweight rates globally, the quest for healthy weight management aids continues to grow as people search for solutions. One of the products to support healthy weight management can be Dabur Honey, which claims that One tablespoon of Dabur honey with warm water daily in morning can be helpful in managing healthy weight and improve physical fitness. But does the science support use honey for weight loss? Let’s take an objective look at what Dabur Honey offers.

Understanding Weight Loss

Before taking any product for weight management, it helps to understand the basics of weight loss. At its core, shedding pounds requires a sustained calorie deficit, that is burning more calories than consumed. Fat cells throughout the body subsequently release stored energy to make up the gap. 

Losing one inch of waistline may visibly reduce abdominal fat (girth). For sustainable results, creating an ongoing calorie deficit matters most. Quick fixes that starve the body tend to fail long-term. Any supplement can only assist the core eating approach in moderation and increasing physical activity.

With this foundation established, let’s analyse the potential mechanisms and evidence behind using Dabur Honey for weight loss.

Potential Mechanisms of Honey for Weight Loss

On its own, honey provides approximately 60 calories per tablespoon. Moderating intake and replacing higher-calorie sugars and sweeteners with honey may help create a minor calorie deficit.

Support for Regulation of Appetite

Some published evidence indicates honey may have effect on appetite-regulating hormones, and help in feeling satisfied after eating, which may contribute to help reduce overall calorie intake. Results seem dependent on timing and portion size, making applying complicated.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Unhealthy body weight is often associated with systemic inflammation. Chronic low-grade can slow down metabolism, potentially hampering weight management efforts. As an antioxidant-rich food, honey exhibits anti-inflammatory properties in some studies. Reducing inflammation may support healthy metabolic functions.

Clinical Research on Honey and Weight Loss

Clinical studies provide the gold standard evidence regarding as products benefits.  Honey’s theoretical mechanisms are supported by few published researches on its weight & lipids (fat) management efficacy.

Early research, including small-scale studies, has shown that honey might have modest beneficial effects on weight management. These studies suggest that when substituted for other forms of sugar, honey could aid in modest weight loss or improve weight management metrics such as body fat percentage and waist circumference.

The progression to larger clinical trials is a natural step in the research process to validate earlier findings. 

Evaluating Dabur Honeys Clinically studied benefits 90-Day One Waist Size Reduction Claim

A Clinical study on Dabur Honey indicates that honey can support healthy weight management results   and may help one waist size reduction in 90 days with regular consumption. 

Most published clinical trials on honey demonstrated that one tablespoon of honey twice per day works best. 

For most people with substantial weight to lose, the pace would likely slow down over longer periods as they approach their goal. Please note body weight is a subjective criteria and genetic differences may affect individual results. 

While clinical study does suggest Dabur Honey can contribute to weight loss efforts. Consuming honey—especially before meals—may accelerate the process when combined with dietary changes and exercise.

Considerations for Using Honey for Weight Loss

For those interested in trying honey for weight management, keep these tips in mind:

Test blood sugar regularly if diabetic or prediabetic.

Time of honey intake 45-60 minutes before meals, in morning on empty stomach

Stick to one-tablespoon portions to control calories.

Increase daily physical activity and improve nutrition.

One may monitor weight regularly.

As with any supplement, honey alone won’t equal instant success. But when included as part of a healthy lifestyle program, it can offer a safe, all-natural way to enhance weight loss efforts potentially.

The Bottom Line

Losing substantial weight requires a commitment to a comprehensive regimen of diet, activity levels, sleep, and stress management. No single ingredient provides an easy fix. Clinical evidence indicates honey can support the process.

Adding a daily tablespoon of Dabur Honey to your morning routine could be helpful for those keen on fitness and healthy weight management. As with any supplement, moderate expectations and focus on overall lifestyle improvement for optimal health. Over time, the inches will follow.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are for informational purposes only and not a substitute for medical advice.

Body weight is a subjective criterion. Healthy balanced diet and regular exercise play a key role in weight management and staying fit.

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Harsh Desai