A First in the World – StockGro Introduces a Heartfelt Helping Hand with Break-Up Leave Policy

A First in the World – StockGro Introduces a Heartfelt Helping Hand with Break-Up Leave Policy
  • PublishedApril 5, 2024

Redefining the boundaries of employee mental health care StockGro’s break-up leave policy extends a supportive hand with a policy designed to offer time and space for emotional healing.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], April 5: StockGro has taken a unique and progressive step by introducing the Break-Up Leave Policy. This is not just a policy; it’s a testament to our deep care and understanding for our team members, extending our support beyond their professional lives.

Imagine going through the rough patch of a break-up or divorce and still having to clock in, pretending everything’s fine. Recognising how tough that can be, StockGro decided it was time for a change. “We see our team as a family, and in times of personal turmoil, we want to be there for them. This Break-Up Leave is our way of saying, ‘We understand, and it’s okay to take a moment for yourself,’” Ajay Lakhotia shares, highlighting the heart behind the policy.

With this policy, anyone in the StockGro family can take up to a week off, no questions asked, to find their footing after a significant relationship ends. This gesture acknowledges the silent struggles and aims to offer a breather, a moment of peace during turbulent times. This leave is available with the door left open for further understanding from management should more time be needed.

What’s truly beautiful about this policy is the trust and respect it’s built on. There’s no need to submit any proof; your word is enough. This level of trust is rare and precious, emphasising privacy and personal dignity. And when you’re ready to come back, StockGro encourages you to do so with a renewed spirit, offering any additional support you might need to ease back into your role.

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Written By
Harsh Desai